In Norman Lindsay's Magic Pudding, the wonderful koalas Bunyip Bluegum and Uncle Wattlebery represented a new society, one that was rich in the extreme. The Magic Pudding – Albert, represented everything this country had to offer and it appeared it would never run out. The come again, come again pudding, a land of plenty, a land of abundance, a land which had so much promise and still does.

As the Koala Woman, I have come to know that the koalas may run out, that our forests could be depleted and that we all have to work together to save it all. It is not too late, but we must hurry and I am confident that if we do, Australia could lead the world in sustainable practices. I am confident we can do it, together, because I know there are many on this beautiful gorgeous planet of ours that love the bush as much as I do.