NOONAN, KATIE – on music

My mum’s an opera singer: I grew up watching her get swept up in music and transform herself into characters. She taught me that music is a lifelong journey, and that with every day and every song and every gig you learn something new.

NOONAN, KATIE - on music

NOONAN, KATIE – on collaborations

The most important thing to do as an artist is to get out of your comfort zone and work with different people: people who can’t read a note of music, people who have incredible classical skills, blues and jazz musicians, pop artists, visual artists, dancers and actors. Learn from people who are creative in a different way to you and you’ll keep evolving.

NOONAN, KATIE - on collaborations

NOONAN, KATIE – on motherhood

When you have kids, you just can’t believe your heart could love something so much. My kids inspire me every day and I think I’m a better singer now because they have given me a greater emotional well to draw from.

NOONAN, KATIE - on motherhood