You once smiled a friendly smile,
Said we were kin to one another,
with guile for a short while
Became to me a brother.
Then you swamped my
way of gladness,
Took my children from my side,
Snapped shut the law
book, oh my sadness
At Yirrakalas’ plea denied.
So, I remember Lake
George hills,
The thin stick bones of people.
Sudden death, and greed
that kills,
That gave you church and steeple.
I cry again for Warrarra
Gone from kith and kind,
And I wondered when I would find a pen

To probe your freckled mind.
I mourned again for the Murray tribe,

Gone too without a trace.
I thought of the soldier’s diatribe,
smile on the governor’s face.
You murdered me with rope, with gun
massacre of my enclave,
You buried me deep on McLarty’s run
Flung into a
common grave.

HAUPT, ZAHNEE - To the Others