At night in silence the tears trickle down my cheek,
This cancer inside my brain is called Medulloblastoma,
In my heart I know this is God’s plan for me,
Yet I didn’t know if I was ready to travel this journey…

I look in the mirror and hardly recognise myself,
The person I was is no longer there, the girl looking back is someone new,
Resilience is what I need now to fight this battle,
I need to find the power to be strong, positive and courageous.
So many people are praying for and thinking of me,
I am so touched by their kindness I shed another tear,
They give me the strength to carry on even on days when all goes wrong,
My light is rekindled and I want to keep it burning brightly.

I will keep fighting as hard as I possibly can,
There are dreams I have for my future and I want to achieve them,
Cancer is a demon that tries to take away happiness,
But it won’t win