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"The drop in living standards most people would have to accept to reduce climate change significantly would still leave us far better off than previous generations, so it's inexcusable that we find it so hard to renounce material goods."

RAI, GAITA - on climate change

"The boomers' ethical sense is dominated by ideals of autonomy, flourishing and self-realisation. That's an ethic for the fortunate. One of the awful signs of this is the degree to which the ugly expression 'losers' has taken hold in our community, an expression of great contempt. That may prove to have terrible consequences if things get really bad. Great upheaval may be ahead of us, and soon. We will then need again to find words of compassion for those who have lost everything, including all social status. To do that, we will need to place the concept of goodness at the centre of our ethics."

RAI, GAITA - on the baby boomer generation

"We love, but they 'love'; we grieve, but they 'grieve'; and of course we may be dispossessed, but they are 'dispossessed'. "

RAI, GAITA - on the Mabo case